Team Albury Galvanizing

Albury Galvanizing has been providing professional Hot Dip Galvanizing services for customers since 1995. The business is part of the J Furphy & Sons group which operates galvanizing plants in Albury, Geelong and Shepparton as well as a major engineering and vessels fabrication business also in Shepparton.

Albury Galvanizing is located in Jindera, NSW and the galvanizing plant was purpose built from a Greenfield site specifically to provide Hot Dip Galvanizing for North East Victoria and Southern to Central Western NSW. Our galvanizing bath is 9.5m long, 1.5m wide and 2.6m deep. As a galvanizer we aim to provide our clients with all galvanizing related services and information including, quality, design, venting, dipping chart and delivery details.

When it comes to corrosion protection and coating steel, zinc and zinc iron alloy in the form of HDG, galvanizing will provide a reliable surface protection system which is robust and durable. When selected as a ‘fit for purpose’ coating, there are few materials which can provide greater durability.

Our Team

  • Tilo Schmidt - General Manager
    General Manager

    Tilo Schmidt

    Tilo was appointed GM in 1995 with vast experience in general engineering, building and metallurgy. He is happy to take your call on technical or any other areas.

  • Brent Hallows - Production Manager
    Production Manager

    Brent Hallows

    Brent Joined the company in 2014 with major strengths in logistics, procurement and materials flow management. Brent is also a very proactive problem solver.

  • Dean Heather - Customer Service Manager
    Customer Service Manager

    Dean Heather

    Dean is the longest serving member of the Albgal team. Dean’s experience and efficiency will ensure customer’s requests will be attended to accurately and quickly. Unfortunately for Dean, he is a Demon’s supporter!!


    • Sarah Berg - Customer Service & Logistics Consultant
      Customer Service & Logistics Consultant

      Sarah Berg

      For prompt and dedicated attention, Sarah is always available at the front end of sales. If she is not at her desk, you can be sure she is busy booking in the most recent arrival at the plant.

    • Samantha Eveleens - Customer Service & Quality Assurance
      Customer Service Consultant & Quality Assurance

      Samantha Eveleens

      For QA documentation and return deliveries, Samantha will be working hard to ensure all is shipshape. Written same-day quotes are no problem for Samantha.

    • Diane Duncan - Customer Service & Admin Assistant
      Customer Service & Administration Assistant

      Diane Duncan

      For accounts enquires, see Diane who also attends to Invoicing and QA outwards and general admin support and customer sales support.


    • Brendan Larkin - Management Accountant
      Management Accountant

      Brendan Larkin

      Brendan is a highly experienced, hardworking, behind the scenes management accountant who ensures that all the administration is kept in order.

Health & Safety Policy Statement

Our aim is to provide a safe and healthy workplace for all workers and others on our worksite. We provide the necessary information, instruction, training and supervision, instilling a sense of responsibility for health and safety in all individuals.
The Health & Safety Management Systems that are integrated into all divisional activities reflect the requirements of relevant legislation and reflect a Risk Management process.
We recognise the importance of consultation and cooperation between workers, management and relevant others effectively communicating and implementing our Health and Safety Policy.
Albury Galvanizing has developed health and safety procedures to ensure the objectives of this policy are achieved.
We will maintain the appointment of a suitably qualified health and safety management representative to provide advice on matters effecting the health and safety of all affected by our work activities.
We will continually review the policy and procedures as part of our process of continuous improvement in all activities.